logoWe are an importer and distributor of medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics.
We import products from the European Union and beyond.
In addition to commercial activities we are dealing with service activities, especially for foreign entities conducting registration processes of drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements.
We also provide consulting services concerning the registration of the above products, as well  as in the field of drug reimbursement and marketing.



Specializes in production of prescription eye drops and other prescription medicines composed in the pharmacy. Carries a full line of proprietary medicinal products.

Performs the direct import procedure for non-registered medicinal products.

It offers a wide range of natural cosmetics and medicines.


New offers Imed Poland pharmacy:

Treatment cosmetics

• Dr Michaels
Russian Natural Cosmetics
• Natura Siberica
    Planeta Organica
    Receptury Babci Agafii
    Baikal Herbals
    Apteka Agafii

Import of medicines / Drugs importer

Imed Poland Sp. z o.o. in accordance with the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law and regulations ...


Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Wholesaling activities cover the wholesale of medicinal products, dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.


Registration of medicinal products, dietary supplements, medical devices

Imed Poland Sp. z o.o conducts registrations, re-registrations and variations to medicinal products, medical devices and dietary supplements for domestic and foreign entities in the following procedures: national (NP), mutual recognition (MRP), decentralized (DCP) and central (CP).


IMED Poland Sp. z o.o., ul. Puławska 314, 02-819 Warszawa, NIP 118-00-68-223, Sąd Rejonowy dla  m. st. Warszawy XII Wydział Gospodarczy, nr KRS 0000032674,  kapitał zakładowy 450.000,00PLN